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1850-11-01The Laodicean ChurchJoseph Bates
1850-11-01The SabbathSabbath Tract No. 3Authority for the Change of the Day
1850-11-01Has the Sabbath been changed from the Seventh to the First day of the Week?Sabbath Vindicator
1850-11-01When was the Sabbath Instituted?Sabbath Vindicator
1850-12-01The Seventh Day Sabbath not Nailed to the CrossJoseph Bates
1850-12-01New Testament Seventh Day Sabbath
1850-12-01Our Present PositionW2300 Days
1850-12-01Midnight Cry in the PastJoseph Bates
1850-12-01New Testament TestimonyJoseph BatesCommandments of God clearly taught and enforced in the New Testament, by Jesus and His Apostles
1850-12-01Thoughts on the SabbathJ.N. Andrews
1850-12-01What was the Practice of Christians after the Apostles?Sabbath Vindicator
1850-12-01What Day of the Week was Observed by the Apostles and Primitive Christians?Sabbath Vindicator