The Second Advent

John 14:2,3

Rev 22:12
2 Tim 4:1
2 Thess 2:2
Matt 24:4,5
Matt 24:36

Titus 2:12,13

Daniel 9:27
Matt 26:28
Romans 15:8
Daniel 9:27

Hebrews 10:12

Acts 7:55

Acts 13:46

Jesus is Coming Again
Jesus said, "I will come again" to receive us unto Himself,
that we may be where He is.
"I come quickly and my reward is with Me
to give every man according to his work."
Jesus shall judge the living and the dead at His appearing.
Let no one deceive you about the second coming, Paul warned.
Jesus Himself cautioned, Be careful that no man deceive you.
No one knows that day, not even the angels, but my Father only.
So live soberly and godly, looking for that blessed hope
and glorious appearing.
Jesus confirmed [He did not break] the covenant with many for one week.
Jesus’ blood of the new covenant was shed for many.
Jesus confirmed the promises to the patriarchs for the gentiles.
In the midst of the week [31AD after 3½ years of ministry]
He caused sacrifice to cease.
Christ’s sacrifice as The Lamb of God,
left the sacrificial system unnecessary
[3½ later, 34AD, Daniel's people close their probation by stoning Stephen]
Stephen sees "Jesus standing" on right hand of God, signaling a close of prophet time.  cf Daniel 12:1 when Michael (Jesus) stands at the End.
Paul takes the gospel to the gentiles.

2 Thess 2:2,3
2 Thess 2:4

Dan 7:8
Dan 7:23
Dan 7:24
Rev 13:2

Dan 7:25

Rev 13:5

Rev 13:5
Dan 7:21
Dan 7:25
Rev 12:17
The Beast
But first there was a falling away (apostasy); the man of sin was revealed
Man of sin exalts God, he sits in God's temple,
showing himself that he is God!
A little horn arises among the 10 on the fourth iron beast
Beast is a kingdom. First kingdom was Babylon.
[4th Roman Empire ended 538 AD]
Little horn is different from the others. [political and religious]
Dragon gives beast his power, seat and great authority.
[beast continues in Rome]
Speaks great words against God, wears out saints,
thinks to change times and laws.
Speaking great things and blasphemies against God...
and makes war with the saints
for 42 prophetic months (42x30 = 1260 years: from 538 to 1798)
Makes war with the saints (crusades and inquisitions).
For 3½ prophetic years (360 days/prophetic year = 1260 years)
Makes war with the remnant which keep the commandments of God.
Matt 24:21
John 16:33
Acts 14:22
Revelation 1:9
Revelation 2:9
Isaiah 33:16

Rev 7:9,14

Rev 12:6

There shall be great tribulation
In the world we will have tribulation.
We will enter the kingdom of God through much tribulation.
John was "a brother and companion in tribulation"
The church of Smyrna experienced tribulation. [Pagan Rome’s persecution]
The righteous will be defended in the munitions of rocks:
bread and water shall be sure.
A great multitude will come out of great tribulation
and stand before the throne of God.
God's people fled to the wilderness,
to a place prepared by God, fed there 1260 years.
[Dark Ages, Inquisition, Crusades, Waldenses, Prostestants to New World]

Rev 13:3

Rev 13:10,14
Ephesians 6:17
Rev 13:10

Rev 13:11

Rev 13:12,14

Deadly Wound
Beast's head is wounded as if to death. 
[Reformation restores the Bible for the people]
Wounded and killed by a sword [Bible]
God's Word is sharper than a two-edged sword. [sola scriptura ]
Beast then is taken into captivity 
[French Revolution: 1798 Pius VI taken to France]
Another beast comes up out of the earth: [America 1776]
like a lamb (youthful nation),
then speaks as a dragon (becomes a world power).
Exercises same power, causing all on earth to worship first beast,
make an image to it.
The United States of America is “the new Rome” 
Newsweek August 12, 1991 p.33

2 Thess 2:9

Matt 24:5, 24

Rev 13:3

Rev 13:15-17

2 Cor 11:14
Matt 24:26
Matt 24:11,24

False Advent
The working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders
precedes the Advent.
Many false Christs and prophets will deceive many;
showing great signs and wonders.
Beast's head is healed: and all the world wonders after the beast,
and worships the dragon.
Seond beast will force world to worship image
at pain of death and receive its mark.
Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
So don't believe claims that Christ is in the desert or secret places.
Don't be deceived, don't be deceived, Jesus repeated.

Matt 24:7
Matt 24:37-39

Luke 17:27
Luke 17:28

Luke 17:29

Luke 17:30

World Conditions
Nations rise against nations, there'll be famines, pestilences, earthquakes
As it was in the days of Noah
so shall it be in the days of the coming [Gr. parousia] of the Son of man.
They were eating, drinking marrying until the day Noah entered the ark.
They knew not until the flood came and took them all away
...and destroyed them all. (no second chance)
Likewise as in the days of Lot in Sodom:
they ate, drank, bought, sold, planted, built.
But the same day that Lot went out,
fire rained down and destroyed them all.
Even so will it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

Matt 24:14
Rev 16:17
Rev 22:11

Dan 12:1

Matt 24:21
Psalm 27:5

Matt 24:13
Matt 28:20

Choice is Over
Gospel shall be preached in all the world...and then shall the end come.
A great voice comes out of heaven's temple, from the throne, "It is done."
"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still;
he that is filthy, let him be filthy still;
he that is righteous, let him be righteous still;
he that is holy, let him be holy still."
At that time Michael stands up [probationary time has ended]
and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was.
A great tribulation, since the beginning of the world to this time, nor ever.
But in the time of trouble God will hide us in His pavilion:
in the secret of His tabernacle.
He that endures to the end shall be saved.
Jesus promises, “I am with you always, even to the end of the world.”

Rev 16:18
Rev 6:12,13

Rev 6:14

Rev 16:20
Isaiah 24:19,20
Nahum 1:5
Psalm 46:1

Earth Shaken
There were voices, thunders, lightnings, a great earthquake.
A great earthquake, sun becomes black,
moon as blood, stars of heaven fall to earth
Heaven departs as a scroll,
every mountain and island moved out of their places.
Every island fled away, and mountains were not found.
Earth is moved exceedingly, and reels to and fro like a drunk man.
Mountains quake, hills melt, the earth is burned at God's presence.
But God is the saints' refuge: they will not fear though the earth is removed,
...though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.

Matt 24:27
Acts 1:11
Rev 1:7

Mark 14:62
Rev 1:7
Matt 24:30

Matt 24:40,41

Luke 17:34-36

Luke 17:37

Jeremiah 7:33
Rev 19:17,18

Matt 13:30

Rev 14:14-15

Visible Return
As lightning shines from east to west so shall be His coming [Gr. parousia]
Jesus will come in same manner as disciples saw Him go into heaven.
He comes with clouds, every eye shall see Him,
even those who pierced Him.
Even the high priest who sentenced His crucifixion.
And all kindreds of earth shall wail because of Him.
All tribes of earth mourn as they see the Son of man coming [Gr. parousia]
in clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
Two in the field: one taken the other left;
two grinding: one taken the other left.
Two men sleeping (death) in one bed (grave),
two women grinding, two men in the field.
Taken where? Jesus said, "Where the vultures are gathered together"
You don't want to be taken; you want to be left behind!
The carcases shall be meat for the fowls of heaven.
The fowls that fly in the midst of heaven
gather to eat the flesh of God's enemies.
Tares are gathered first, bound in bundles to be burned at the End.
Then the wheat is gathered.
Son of man comes on a cloud with a sickle in His hand
to reap the harvest of earth.

2 Thess 1:7-9
Psalm 97:3
2 Thess 2:8
2 Peter 3:10
Rev 16:15
1 Thess 5:2
1 Thess 5:3
2 Peter 3:10

Isaiah 13:9,10
Isaiah 24:1

Jesus is revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire.
fire goes before Him, and burns up His enemies.
Wicked consumed, destroyed with the brightness of His coming.
Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. [unexpected, not silent]
Jesus tells His church, [during 7 last plagues] “Behold I come as a thief”
Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night…then sudden destruction .
They shall not escape. [No second chance period]
Heavens shall pass away with a great noise ,
elements shall melt with fervent heat and its works shall be burned up .
Land lays desolate, sinners are destroyed
Lord makes the earth utterly empty, makes it waste.

Dan 12:1
Isaiah 25:9

Matt 24:31
1 Thess 4:16
Isaiah 26:19
John 5:28,29

Luke 14:14
Daniel 12:2

1 Cor 15:51
Psalm 13:3
John 11:11,14
Mark 5:39
Psalm 6:5

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Psalm 146:4
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Mark 12:25
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1 Thess 4:17

John 14:1-3

Isaiah 25:8,9
Rev 20:6
Rev 20:4
Rev 20:6
1 Cor 6:2,3
Rev 20:4

At that time God's people shall be delivered, every one written in the book.
God's people will say, "Lo this is our God:
we have waited for Him, and He will save us."
God sends His angels with a great sound of a trumpet to gather the elect.
Lord descends from heaven with a shout and trump of God
Awake and sing, you who dwell in dust."
All in the grave hear His voice and come forth,
the good to the resurrection of life.
...or the resurrection of the just.
Many that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,
some to everlasting life.
Not all shall sleep
...the sleep of death.
Jesus said Lazarus was asleep. Then explained, "Lazarus is dead"
Jesus said Jairus' dead daughter was only asleep.
For in death there is no remembrance of God:
in the grave who shall give Him thanks?
Shall the dead arise and praise God?
or declare His faithfulness in destruction?
For the living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything.
The soul that sins shall die.
His breath goes, he returns to the earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.
There is no work, device, knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave.
Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, Who only has immortality.
Patriarch David is both dead and buried,
and David is not ascended into the heavens.
But we shall be changed at the last trump, when the dead shall be raised.
...then mortal will put on immortality.
Graves will open, God will put His spirit in us, we will live.
Dead men shall live.
We shall rise from the dead die no more.
Dead in Christ rise first,
then we who remain (those who are "left behind")
shall be caught up (Gr. parousia) together with them
 ...and meet the Lord in the clouds of the air.
Then He takes them to His Father’s house in heaven
that they may be with Him.
God will swallow up death in victory and wipe away their tears.
He who has part in the first resurrection is not subject to the second death.
They lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years (in heaven) priests of God and Christ.
There the saints shall judge the world and angels.
Judgment is given to them.

Rev 20:5
Rev 20:2,3

2 Peter 2:4

Isaiah 24:22

Isaiah 14:18
Isaiah 14:20

Leviticus 16:22

Rest of the wicked dead live not again until the thousand years are finished.
Dragon, old serpent, Devil, Satan is shut up, bound
that he deceive nations no more
...until the thousand years are fulfilled.
Angels that sinned are reserved until judgment
in chains of darkness (on this earth)
Kings of earth gathered together, shut up in prison (grave),
visited after many days.
Each lie everyone in his own tomb.
But Satan is not joined with them in burial,
because he destroyed his land and people.
He is the scape goat sent into a land not inhabited.

Rev 20:7
Daniel 12:2

John 5:29
Rev 21:2
Zech 14:4

Zech 14:5
Jude 14
Zech 14:2
Rev 20:8

Rev 20:9

Rev 20:11
Daniel 7:22

Romans 14:10
Isaiah 40:5
Isaiah 66:18

Isaiah 45:23
Romans 14:12
Isaiah 14:16

Final Judgment
When the thousand years are finished, Satan is loosed out of his prison.
Many that sleep in the dust shall awake,
some to shame and everlasting contempt.
Those who have done wickedly to the resurrection of damnation.
The holy city, New Jerusalem comes down from God out of heaven.
His feet shall stand on the mount of Olives,
it cleaves in the midst, becomes a valley.
The Lord God comes and all the saints with Him.
Enoch prophecied "The Lord comes with ten thousand of His saints."
God gathers all nations against Jerusalem to battle.
Satan deceives the nations, gathers them to battle,
their number as the sand of the sea.
They go up on the earth, surround the camp of the saints,
and the beloved city.
A great white throne appears, books are opened, and dead were judged
The Ancient of days comes, judgment is given to the saints,
they possess the kingdom.
We will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ
The glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.
God will gather all nations and tongues,
and they will come and see His glory.
Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to God.
Everyone of us shall give account of himself to God.
The lost will look at Lucifer and say,
"Is this the man that made the world a wilderness?"

Zech 14:3
Isaiah 28:21,22

Rev 20:10
Rev 20:9
Psalm 21:9

Isaiah 47:14
Zech 14:12

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Isaiah 47:14
Jeremiah 17:27
1 Chr 36:19-21
Jude 7
2 Peter 2:6
Malachi 4:1

Matt 10:28

Second Death
They shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbor.
Then the Lord will rise up to do His strange work,
and bring to pass His strange act. consume the whole earth.
The Devil is cast into the lake of fire with the beast and false prophet.
Fire comes down from God out of heaven and devours them.
He will make them as a firey oven; He will swallow them up;
the fire shall devour them.
They shall not be able to deliver themselves from the power of the flame.
Their flesh, eyes, and tongue shall consume away
while they stand on their feet.
They go away into everlasting punishment...
...punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord.
Death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.
This is the second [final] death.
The wages of sin is [eternal] death
And they shall go forth and look upon the carcases of the transgressers:
...for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched.
Hell fire will never be quenched...
...(until) there shall not be a coal to warm at nor a fire to sit before it.
Jerusalem was burned with unquenchable fire.
It was totally destroyed (but is not burning today).
Even as Sodom and Gomorrah are an example of eternal fire.
Turned into ashes as an example.
Hell shall burn as an oven, they shall be stubble,
leaving them neither root nor branch.
Both soul and body is destroyed in hell.

Psalm 46:5
Malachi 4:3
Psalm 91:13
Isaiah 29:7

Obediah 16
Psalm 37:10
Psalm 37:20
Psalm 104:35
Nahum 1:9
Rev 21:4

No More Pain
But God is in the midst of the city: she shall not be moved.
Saints shall tread down the wicked as ashes under their feet.
They will tread down the lion, the adder, and the dragon under their feet.
The multitude of all the nations that fight against Ariel (Jerusalem)
shall be as a dream.
They shall be as though they had never been.
Saints will diligently consider the place of the wicked, but they shall not be.
Wicked shall perish, they shall consume away into smoke.
Sinners are consumed out of the earth; the wicked are no more.
He will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.
God will wipe away all tears, there shall be no more death,
sorrow, crying, or pain.