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GL5  Brevity

Standard English currently uses a few single letter words, notably vowels like ‘a, I, O’. GL5 expands this goldmine of compression by providing every letter (upper and lower case) with a designated word:
& and &t, &vl, &vrsri, &tsp8t
> more >tl, >bd, >sl
< less <n, hom<, help<
2 yes ansr m: 2 o N
3 each t 3 Hz on
4 the 4 e
5 she 5 z 4 1
6 out g 6 w a Ba'
7 you 7 k d i
8 aid km t 4 8 v 7r kntri 
9 oil p S 9 n 4 njn
a a, an h a bql
A any A 4' goz
b but OK, b B krfl
B be B L 4t 7 k B
c change 4rz bn a c n 4 skjl
C charge c i t m k6nt
d do d 4 bst 7 k
D Day t D z 4 rs v 7r lyf
e end at 4 e v 4 D
E every 48 r E wer
f for g f i
F from F si t 5yn' si
g go g t 4 frun v 4 lyn
G great/grand/good W hd a G tym
h has/have h i 7r w8
H he H h a nw jqb
i it d i lyk 4s
I if I i z go' t r8n, 7 btr t8k a brela
j just yl B 4r n j a mnit.
J judge 4 J pasd Jmn
k can y k d i mslf
K thousand (kilo) i l kqs $3K
l will (future tense) yl si 7 tmqro
L all p L 7r kqrdz q 4 t8bl
m me/my kql m tnyt
M many M r kqld
n in/and n n 6.  n 4 Bgn'
N no/not N t wiri
o or 4s o 4t
O over O n 6
p put/place p i q 4 t8bl
P part/particle 4s z 4 P y lyk
q on q 4 U4r han
Q off trn i Q
r are w r q T v i
R right trn t 3 R
s same i z 4 s Z i wz
S some S v 4
t to gv i t m
T total/top g t 3 T v 4 hl
u us r 7 w u?
U under H hd U 4 bd
v of 1 v 4 bst
V very i wz V G
w with km w m
W we W r rdi
x except x f m
X extra p a X pl8t q 4 t8bl
y I y gri
Y eye kloz 7r Yz
z is 4s z i
Z as Z G Z i gts

Opportunities for shrinking the size of English words abound. A certain amount of conventional acceptance in this area is already evident in the use of contractions.

DON’T for do not and WE’LL for we will are examples.
IT’S, LET’S, WE’RE, THEY’RE, CAN’T, COULDN’T, SHOULDN’T are a few more. But why stop there? Other words ripe for pruning include archaic vowel groupings such as -OUGH for long o. This is commonly applied, at least in lyrics and poetry, to produce such substitutes as THO and THRU.

English also has made partial adaptation to word shortening efforts in such abbreviations as:
ad advertisement    as in TV ads
mid middle as in mid-year exams
fab fabrication as in pre-fab homes
ID identification
lab laboratory
exam  examination
pro professional as in pro-golfer
coop cooperative
info information

Even greater savings are achieved by creating acronyms of certain phrases which, in time, become words in their own right:
IQ Intelligence Quotient
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
TV Television
CAT  Computerized Axial Tomography

If this technique was universally applied, we would experience tremendous compression ratios.

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