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Sabbath Diagnosis
HiStory in the Stars
Garlic: Nature's Perfect Prescription
Simply Chichewa
Folksinger's Hymnal

The Blended Gospel

Fifteen years in the making, The Blended Gospel takes all four accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and combines them into a single reading of the Greatest Story every told...once. Guilded page edges, two ribbons, leather grain cover with gold embossing, and nearly 150 of the world's greatest works of religious art, personally repainted and digitally edited. Printed on 100lb antique aged paper, with Old World type face, this is truely a work of art in its own right. Several of the most popular scriptures have been rendered in an illuminated full page style. This oversized 9x12 inch volume makes a wonderful gift.

175 page hardbound, 2005
TEACH Services, Inc. ISBN: 1572583096

Now, you never should never judge a book by its cover, but my brother did a great job on this one. Inside, is a collection of material gleaned from as many sources as I've been able to find and organized around the layout of a medical chart.

I thought I knew all about the Sabbath when I started this project. I am amazed at how much more this is "out there" to be discovered. This book takes you on a clinical journey into obtaining the Patient's history and then conducting a complete physical exam of the body of Scriptural and historal evidence surrounding the seventh-day.

496 page paperback, 2004
TEACH Services, Inc. ISBN: 1572582626





The stars, celestial luminaries of intergalactic space, were placed for signs--to represent something of significance ...The plague of flies was a sign to the Egyptians of God's supremacy and power. The retreating sun dial shadow was a sign to Hezekiah of healing and a reprieve from death. So also, the patterns found in a star-studded sky are only representative of much more transcendent concepts, themes and spiritual truth.


125 page paperback, 2001
TEACH Services, Inc. ISBN: 1572581395





Garlic has today become the focus of modern medical research. Recognized for thousands of years for its amazing curative powers, this bulb is today not only known for its potent bouquet but is drawing the attention of the scientific world as a potential antibiotic, anticancer, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory...the list goes on and on.

112 page paperback, 1996
TEACH Services, Inc. ISBN: 157258064X


A true Lingua Franca with well over 10 million speakers in East Africa, Chichewa is the principal Bantu language for those countries bordering Lake Malawi. Simply Chichewa will gently guide you to a clear, concise understanding of this remarkable language.



160 page paperback, 1988
Malamulo Publishing, Makwasa, Malawi







Recent media attention has made the general public aware of contaminated meat products.
This tract will also show you that meat is also uneconomical, environmentally unsound, unethical, and unnatural.

TEACH Services, Inc. Tract Pack of 100


The Folksinger's Hymnal
Key Music Company, 1969
95 page paperback
Wayne Hooper,
Gary Hullquist,
Steve Guptill

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A guitar guide through the in's and out's of folk (music)


Linda Oak Productions, 1969
Gary Hullquist
Steve Guptill


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