Time Lapse Painting

Here are some videos of Eric painting pictures from start to finish.
Don't let these time lapse videos fool you. Most of these paintings took
many hours of painting over the course of several days.

Check out Eric's YouTube Channel for more videos!


Double Portrait

This painting was created by combining several digital photos together, and then painting the final composition onto canvas. ImageYou can see the final version in this photo.


Child Portrait

This was a painting Eric did from combining several photos together. Image You can see the final version in this photo.


Double Portrait #2

This double portrait was created Little Girl Portraitby combining the best elements from two separate photos.



Boy & Girl

This painting was takImageen from an old antique black & white photo and then turned into color on the canvas.


Louis Armstrong

Lady With an Ermine - copy in acrylicHere is a portrait of Louis Armstrong taken from an old black & white photograph and then "colorized" using only primary colors (red, blue & yellow).



Boat on the Water

This relaxing scene combines large smooth elements with the fine detail of trees, houses and a boat.


Venice Boats

This painting of a peaceful Venice canal with colorful reflections was inspirVenice Boatsed by a favorite vacation photo.


Pink Plumerias

These beautiful pink Plumerias turned out so nicely that they are currently "not for sale", however a reasonable offer will be considered...Pink Plumerias


Assisi Castle

This painting portrays a historic small Italian town with a castle on a sunlit hill in the background. The detail in this painting made for a long and tedious process but in the end it was well worth the effort. Assisi Castle


Check out Eric's YouTube Channel for more painting videos


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