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booksDr. Gary Hullquist's interest in languages, medicine, health and the study of scriptures has drawn him to author a collection of books and papers. With each of these endevors he digs deep into the subject to uncover a unique and fresh look at a traditional topic, supported by a comprehensive mountain of information on each topic. Check out these books or order you own copy from this list on Amazon.

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Eric Hullquist spends most of his time as a video editor but in his spare time likes to dabble in making more tangible art. His favorite medium is the classic oil on canvas but he is also interested in trying new things. Although he is located in southeast Tennessee, Eric is able to work with clients virtually anywhere in the world. Check out his painting website here.


                          is LifeIn the summer of 2009, filmmakers Phillip Hullquist and Ryan Jeanes embarked on a two-thousand-three-hundred-mile journey down the entire length of the Mississippi River. Armed with a high-definition video camera, two paddles, two inflatable kayaks and their wits (or lack thereof), the pair aimed to be the first to document a real-life epic journey down America’s greatest and best-known waterway. Click here for more info.



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