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GL5  Readable Language Compression
Imagine sqeezing up to 50% out of your text documents while still being able to read the compressed document!  English becomes GL5 (pronounced "glish") and other words shrink in similar manner through the use of an expanded alphabet character set, single-letter words, syllabic contraction, and space removal.

In a world of shrinking resources and exploding demands on the transfer and storage of information, the ecological impact of the English language plays a significant role. Lingua franca defaulta in today’s world, English has unfortinately foisted an imposing burden on global media that must struggle to accomodate its corpulance and painfully inconsistent structure. The aim of this discourse is different from others interested in simplified spelling. Rather than addressing the plight of children (or immigrants) in learning to read, or improvinging adult literacy rates, for that matter, the goal at hand is to simply reduce the size of English words.

Now let’s see what this same paragraph would look like in the most skinnied down version of GL5. Now brace yourself, cuz advanced GL5 has sucked out all the unnecessary spaces and uses capitalization to deliniate the beginning of words. Spaces are used only before lowercase letters when they are used as single letter words. OK, ready?

naWrld v 5r’k’Rsorsz nSplod’Dmanz q4Transfr nStorj vNfo,4KlqjklMpak v4GL5 Langwj Pl8z aSnifkntRol.L’waFra’kaDfqlta ntDz Wrld,GL5HzNforcntliF9sdd aMpoz’ Brdn qGlobl M3dia 4tMusStrugl tKomd8t isKorp7lns nP8nfliNkonssnStrucr.4 8m v4s Dskors zDfrnt FU4rzNtrsd nSmplfy’Spel’.Ra4r 4nAdres’ 4Plyt vCldrn(oMgrants)nLrn’ tR3d,oMprwv’ DultLtrsiR8ts,f 4tMatr,4Gol atHan zt SmpliRdws 4Syz vGL5Wrdz.

That’s a roughly 40% shorter text. Readable text compression!

English Spelling Reform History