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GL5  Competative Comparisons

Comparative examples first rendered in American Literary Council's Fonetic Spelling http://victorian.fortunecity.com/vangogh/555/Spell/alc-fonetic.htm
(654 characters including spaces):

Speling Reformers tipicaly wont to riet with a dicshunairy pronunsiaeshun gied rather than tradishunal English speling. Thay wont the speling sistem to be neerly 100% alfabetic insted of 40%. English speling is hard becauz thair ar too meny orthografic opshuns. Tipicaly thair ar 14 diferent ways to spel a particuelar sound. This meens that a simpl werd such as sizors /sizerz/ can be speld 14x14x14x14x14x14 ways. Ellis calcuelaeted this out and it caem to oever a haf milyon. Oenly wun of the 500,000 ways to spel /sizerz/ is lexically corect. In Spanish, or eny hiely foneemic rieting sistem, thair is uezhualy oenly wun way to spel a pronunsiaeshun.

Same passage in Chekt Speling (622 characters):

Speli3 r'formrz tipikli want tu ryt with a' dik5uneri pra'nu.nsiei5n gyd ra.xr xan tra'di5nl I3gli5 spel3.  Xei want x spel3 si.stm tu bi nirli 100% alfa'betik insted 'v 40%.  I3gli5 spel3 iz hard bicoz ther ar tu meni ortho'grafic op5nz.  Tipikli ther ar 14 difrnt weiz tu spel a' partikiulr saund.  Xis minz xat a' simpl w'rd su.ch az si.zrz /sizerz/ ca.n bi spelt 14x14x14x14x14x14 weiz.  Ellis calkiuleitd xis aut 'nd i.t keim tu o'vr a' ha.f mi.lia'n.  Onli wn a'v x 500,000 weiz tu spel /sizerz/ is lexikli ka'rekt.  I.n Spani5, or eni hyli fonimi.k ryti3 si.stm, ther iz iuza'li o'nli wn wei tu spel a pra'nnsiei5n.

And now in GL5 (402 characters):

Spel'RformrzTpkliWqn tRyt waDxnriNunsi85nGydRa4r 4nTrad5nl 'l5Spel'.48 Wqn 4Spel'Sstm tBNrli-100%AlfbetkSted v-40%.'l5Spel' zHqrdKuz 4r rTw M Or4grafkQp5nz.Tpkli 4r r-14DfrntW8z tSpel aTk7lrS6n.4sM3nz 4t aSmplWrd ScZSzrz/sizirz/kBSpeld- 4s 6 niK8m tO a HafMl2n.Onli-1v4-500,000W8z tSpel/sizirz/zLexliKrek.nSpan5,oAHyliFon3mk Ryt'Sstm,4r z 75liOnli-1W8 tSpel aNunsi85n.

Spel Riet version of the Gettysburg Adress (1345 characters with spaces):

For scor and sevun yeerz ago ouwer fotherz braut forth upon this contununt a nu naishun, cunseevd in liberty, and deducaited tu th propuzishun that aul men ar creeaited eequl. Now we ar engaijd in a grait sivul woir, testing whether that naishun, oir eny naishun, so cunseevd and so deducaited, can long enduor. We ar met on a grait batulfeeld ov that woir. We hav cum tu deducait a porshun ov it az a fienul resting plais foir thoez hu heer gaiv therr lievz that that naishun miet liv. It iz aultoogether fiting and proper that we shuod du this. But in a larjer sens, we can not deducait - we can not consucrait - we can not halo this ground. Th braiv men, living and ded, hoo struguld heer, hav consucraited it far abuv our puor pouwer tu ad oir deetract. Th werld wil litul noet, noir long reemember, whot we say heer, but can never foirget whot thay did heer. It iz foir us, th living, rather tu be deducaited heer tu the unfinisht werk which thay hav thus far so noebly cairyd on. It iz rather foir us tu be heer deducaited tu th grait task reemaining befor us - that from theez onerd ded we taik increesd deevoeshun - that we heer hiely reezolv that theez ded shal not hav died in vain; that this naishun shal hav a nu berth ov freedum; and that this guvernment ov th peepul, bie th peepul, foir th peepul, shal not perrish from the erth.

Now the GL5 version (731 characters with spaces):

-4skor n-7iirzAgo 6rFq4rzBrqtFor4 q 4sKqnint aNwN85n,Kns3vd nLbrti,n Ddk8td t4Prqpz5n 4t LMn rKri8td 3kwl.N6W rNg8jd naGSvlWor,Tes'W4r 4t N85n,oAN85n,SoKns3vd nSoDdk8td,kLq'Ndwr.W rMet qaGBatlf3l v 4tWor. W hKm tDdk8t aPor5n viZ aFynlRs'P f 4ozHwH3rG8v 4rLyvz 4t 4tN85nMyt Lv.izLTg4rFt' nPrqpr 4tW5d d 4s.bnaLrgrSns,W kNDdk8t;W kNKqnskr8t;W kNHalo 4sGr6n.4Br8vMn,Lv' nDd,HwStrugldH3r,hKqnstr8td iFqrBuv 6rPorP6r tAd oDtrak.4WrldWlLtlNot,NorLq'Rmmbr,WtWS8H3r,bkNvrFrgtWt 48Dd H3r.izfu,4Lv',Ra4r tBDdk8tdH3r t4Unfn5dWrkWc 48 h 4usFqrSoNobliKerid Q.izRa4r futBH3rDdk8td t4GTaskRm8n'B fu 4tF 4zQnrdDdWT8kNkr3sd Dvo5n 4tWH3r HyliRzqlv 4t 4zDd 5lN hDyd nV8n;4t 4sN8sn 5l haNwBr4 vFr3dm;n 4t 4s Guvmnt v4P3pl,By 4P3pl,f4P3pl,5lNPer5F 4 ir4.



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