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Little Girl PortraitEric Hullquist is a portrait artist located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He stepped into the world of art at an early age, when his grandmother entered him into various art competitions—leading to several sketches being published.

He went on to receive a well-rounded education in the fine arts, honing his natural artistic abilities and eye for detail. The process of oil painting particularly fascinated him. Some of his most inspirational artists include Van Gogh, Dali, and Da Vinci.

For years he painted mostly for fun, and after a decade of working in the professional fields of video production and graphic design, he finally decided to turn his hobby into a career.

He now works from his home studio, focusing on what he enjoys most. Although Eric enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects, his specialty is bringing people and animals to life on canvas.

Be sure to check out Eric's fascinating time lapse paintings.

Please contact Eric for scheduling and availability.


little girl portrait
Peruvian GirlDouble Portrait
Animal Portrait—Cat on stool


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